About Me

Hello and welcome to Adorning Grace!  Adorning Grace started out as a homeschool blog. However, through the last several years, it has grown into something bigger. As the Lord daily pours out His undeserved grace on my life, I am learning to draw closer to Him. I am nothing more than a sinner, saved by the wonderful grace of Jesus Christ and clothed in His righteousness!

My heart is to minister to other women who are fighting the good fight in their homes, and it is my prayer that this blog would encourage you to keep on keeping on for Jesus!

I have been married to my husband for almost twenty two years, and have been homeschooling officially for 11 years now. I'm a Yankee living in the south, which proves that God does indeed have a sense of humor :-)

I welcome your thoughts, comments, encouragement and even reproof if it is given with the right intent and spirit.  So please leave a comment or use the form on the "contact" page. I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a blessed day!