Thursday, June 13, 2013

Let the countdown begin....16 days

Someone pinch me. Only 16 days left in this pregnancy (my guess is less). I am still in awe at the goodness of God in allowing us this miracle.He has worked all things out for good and turned ashes into beauty.  God is good and I am so undeserving.

My family is driving me a little bit crazy with the "how are you feeling?" and "do you think you're going into labor?" questions!  Truth is that I didn't know I was in labor with either of my other pregnancies and I don't anticipate this one to be much different. So, I tell them that when I know, they'll know ;-)  My husband keeps a watchful eye on me, acting like I may explode at any second.  It's actually pretty funny. 

A couple of prayer requests:
  • Pray for clear bloodwork. I have been having periods of intense all-over itching which can be associated with a liver problem related to pregnancy. I am currently waiting results.
  • Pray for strength in these last days. I am feeling overwhelmed with my inability to do all that my brain wants to get done!
  • Pray for my children. They all plan to attend this baby's birth.  They want to be there but I also don't want them to be frightened by anything (they are 15/11/11).  I worry about one of them deciding they don't want to be in the room and ending up by themselves in the waiting room. Because of our being at a birth center an hour and fifteen minutes away, it's not likely we'll have anyone around to be with them.  You know how a mama's brain cannot tune out the needs of her children, no matter what is going on at the time!!!
  • Lastly, please pray for a successful and safe VBAC.  The Lord knows that I want to avoid a repeat C-Section if at all possible. Pray specifically for the fear that occasionally takes over my brain and that the peace of God would reign supreme. 
Will be updating here just as soon as something happens!  


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