Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Decisions, Decisions...(and a family update)

With so many changes right around the corner for our household, it is kind of funny that the question of "to blog or not to blog" should even cross my mind!!! I believe my lovely pregnancy ticker declares that there are only 24 days left to this pregnancy.  Amazing how quickly the time has gone by!  So, you might wonder why I'm even considering the whole blog thing. I received notice about a month ago that my domain name was about to expire. I have this blog and one that I registered but have never used. So, not only is the question about whether to continue blogging or not but also, in which domain to do so. 

Such silly things that are weighing on my mind when my hospital bag isn't even packed yet.  Maybe it's all about avoidance ;-)  In the interest of sorting out my brain, I'll say that the thought of packing it all up and closing the blogging door is really not something I want to do.  This is my seventh year and looking back over my earliest posts is such a sweet trip down memory lane. On the other hand, this blog has gone in a direction (or lack of direction) that I don't particularly like.  Back and forth I go. I sit down to write and have nothing to say. I go to hit "delete" on the whole thing and get a knot in my stomach.  I think about switching to my other domain and I think "ahhh....fresh start!"; then I think about not renewing this one and cringe because it feels like running away.  Hmmmm....

Oh! and then there's the, "in the grand scheme of things, does any of it really matter???". My, my, my :)

So, I guess while I'm weighing options and procrastinating on preparing for my trip to the hospital, I'll give you a family update!

1G15 just finished drivers ed!!!  It was quite an experience for both of us!  In our area, there are not private driving schools so she had to take the classes at our local public school. Having never dropped any of my children off at a public or private school, the first three days were far more traumatic for mom than for daughter.  She did so well and her instructor came out to my van on three separate occasions to tell me how nice it was to have her in class. 

She is maturing and changing so quickly!  I often wonder where my baby went!   She's just about done her 9th grade year. Unfortunately, her dislike for history has left her way behind and she'll be working on that all summer. 

2G11 (or twin number 1) just turned 11!  She's still mama's helper and is absolutely in love with her unborn sister.  She continues to excel in reading and grammar and loves to play with baby dolls, write stories and draw.  She is celebrating her first spiritual birthday today and this past year has shown tremendous growth in that area :)

3G11 raced into her eleventh year a minute behind her sister.  She's still my crazy child, always "experimenting" with something.  She loves to cook and swim.  She excels in math and struggles in reading/spelling.  It's amazing to me how two children of the exact same age, taught the exact same with in the exact same environment can be so completely different.  This child used to be my shy one but she has started singing with her sister and a friend in our church of 400+. 

And lastly 4G?....we are eagerly awaiting her arrival!  This pregnancy has been my easiest and least complicated yet, which really blows a hole in all the reasons not to have a later-in-life pregnancy. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have another child!  We are anticipating a VBA2C and have our birth center/midwife/doula in place.   If you think of it, please keep her impending birth and the safety of both mother and baby in prayer.

Having said all that, I think I know what I'm going to do :) Thanks for helping me sort it out! Have a blessed evening!

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  1. just read your testimony.. Love how you explain the gospel to those who might not understand it!

    This is my blog

  2. We will definitely be praying for you and Baby throughout these next 2 weeks! :)
    Love you all! :)

  3. We will be praying for you and your family as your baby's time nears. :) Also, as you have a chance and decide what to do, please let us know where you will be blogging. I don't get around to "visiting" much but I always enjoy it when I do.


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