Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review: The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Goes Digital! (FREE trial)

I have been blessed to receive encouragement and help from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for many years now.  It was always with great anticipation that I would await it's quarterly arrival.  So, when they announced last fall that TOS was going digital, I felt like the rug had been pulled out from underneath me!

I like computers and technology well enough but when it comes to books and magazines, I like paper. I like to feel it, touch it, smell it, mark it up, dog ear the pages, swat a fly with it....whatever. I want it in my hands!  I was so disheartened with the change that when TOS graciously sent a complimentary copy of the fall digital issue, I didn't even look at it!  Sometime in December, I actually downloaded it and electronically flipped through a couple of pages, but my heart wasn't in it.

See, the quality of the articles hadn't changed but I just couldn't bring myself to like reading a magazine on my laptop! To be truthful, part of the problem was (is) that during this time of transition in our lives, I can only pick up a wifi signal in one tiny corner of my daughters bedroom (sometimes swinging from my toes like a bat).  Remember back to those days of adjusting rabbit ears for the television and adding tin foil and coat hangers to them in the hopes of better reception and you'll have a pretty accurate description of what it's like around here trying to get an internet connection!

That is not to say that you have to have an internet connection to read the magazine, because you do not.  You need one only to download it, but an internet connection makes reading so much more exciting! The new digital magazine is interactive!  Oooooo!  Ahhhhhh!  Are you wondering what that means?  It means that the articles are laced with links to other articles, products and sources on the internet that further expound upon what you're reading! It means that all those nifty vendor ads are now clickable directly to their websites and free offers!

And the best part is....

...something I only discovered today. Remember my aversion to digital books?  My wonderful husband bought me a kindle fire for Christmas.  Yes, it was thoughtful, but I have yet to use it.   I think it's the old dog/new trick thing.  I discovered today that TOS digital edition can put read on your ereader!  I can take it anywhere!  I can read it anywhere.  It fits in my purse.  Now that trumps the paper version for me!!!  And I can still swat a fly with it if I really want to ;-)  With my kindle, I can mark my pages, add notes and highlight text. Oh happy day!

So, here's me, waving the white flag in surrender.  I'm turning over a new leaf and embracing this new technology.  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is just as wonderful as ever but now it's portable, interactive AND it's coming out 12 times a year instead of four. Who could ask for more?

Care to give it a try? Click the button below to read the hot-off-the-press (it's not really off the press anymore, is it?) January 2012 edition for free.   Remember, you can read it online, download it to your computer or move it over to your ereader!  Let me know what you think!

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  1. That is great! How exactly are you viewing TOS on your Kindle Fire? There is an app being developed, but I'm happy to hear it is working in the meantime.

  2. I downloaded the issue in pdf format then transferred it to my kindle under "documents". The kindle fire has a pdf reader. Since I know little about ereaders, I can only assume this holds true across the board?

  3. Oh Karen, you have GOT to see the app (if it works on your kindle). It works on my droid no-brand tablet, when many other apps do not. So yay to that.

    We're back home from MI so I'd love to get together sometime.

  4. What is the app Melody? I discovered that I can read the magazine on my kindle but can't use the highlite/notes/bookmark features because its a pdf document. so, spill it girl :-) and welcome home!

  5. From their website:

    Android app:

    iTunes store - iPad app:

    Digital FAQ:


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