Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Summer Recap

I just cannot believe that the summer of 2011 is over...and I'm so far behind that I'm even late on acknowledging it!  Before we leave for a few days to visit our girls adoptive "Auntie B" in Georgia,  I thought I'd share with you a few pictures from our summer and what has been going on in our household.

In all honesty, I never dreamed that we'd spend the entire summer here in NC.  As is typical, God's plans were different than mine. Imagine that? lol  We kept busy with church activities, mostly as the adult and youth choirs traveled to sing at various camp meetings.  We're fortunate to have an active, Christ-centered church and our girls absolutely adore being a part of it. (Their parents are pretty partial to it as well!) 

On the home front, my youngest two girls love to catch "critters".  Some of you may remember from years back how we raised tadpoles on our kitchen table, until they grew to where they could hop out onto the table!  We're still raising things, I'm afraid.  Of course, I can't complain too much since so much of what a child learns hands on and discovers for herself will be retained much longer than what is read from a book. "Life learning" truly does make a lasting impression, but I digress.... Earlier this spring, we studied baby birds and watched them hatch.  We've since moved on to lizards and frogs.

Right now, we are home to seven toads of various sizes, three eastern fence post lizards, a chihuahua, a cat and our neighbor's dog who thinks he belongs to us.  There is never a dull moment!  Especially, when the girls put all seven frogs in the bathtub to "play", while the chihuahua tries his best to get into the tub with them!

And in the midst of all the other activity, we still have time to miss our family and friends.  Just today, I snapped this picture of our youngest talking to one of her NH friends on the phone...

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.  
~Author Unknown

Have an absolutely fabulously blessed week!

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  1. We have rabbits, chickens, bees, and dogs, if you ever want to stop by......

    Good to hear from you!!! Been thinking about you lately!

  2. Missing y'all so much already :(

    Auntie Barbara


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