Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesdays in the Word: Why Be Normal?

Do you remember the pins worn in the late 80’s that asked, “Why be normal?”? The question was meant to express that there was no point in living a normal life when you could be something other than the norm. During this time period, that translated into long haired, sissy looking boys and Madonna wanna-be girls, and in the end, they weren’t any different than the rest of the crowd. While we may have hoped to grow up and live a life that was far beyond the Ozzie and Harriet ideal, the vast majority of us ended up living lives that were just normal. And that is exactly what I want to write about today…the state of normalcy. 

One of the biggest struggles that I face as a stay at home wife and homeschooling mom is that of boredom. Don’t mistake what I’m saying; I have plenty to DO but the day in and day out tedium of washing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning house, paying bills… it can get old very quickly. There are many ways that I might suggest to breathe new life into your daily routine but that would have to be the subject of another entry. For today, I want to tell you that there is nothing wrong with normal – embrace it!

The dreams that I had for my life as a young person have mostly not come true (and therein lies the danger of “Cinderella” stories!). Some people dream grand things; my dreams were always kind of simple – the house, kids, dog, all in suburbia. I do have the kids and I’m immensely grateful for them. The dog? Can you count a Chihuahua as a dog? As for the house, I have never had my own home and at this point in life, I do not expect I ever will. Suburbia?  Not yet.

Two weeks ago, a friend and sister in the Lord took her teenage son into the doctor for a sport’s physical. As a result of that visit, the doctor ordered an MRI and he has since been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, had surgery to remove it, suffered a severe reaction to the anesthesia that has left him with stroke-like symptoms and a very uncertain future. His mama prays for a return to normal. 

Just this week a family buried their teenage daughter due to a misdiagnosed case of meningitis. Last week, they were enjoying a very normal family vacation. 

Life has a way of changing in an instant, sometimes for the good and often for the bad. We cannot know what life event will forever change the course of our future, but we can embrace the here and now and be thankful for our lives as they are! 

Maybe you’re wondering how on earth you’re supposed to be content in your present circumstances. The Bible says:

Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.
(Pro 16:3)

Isn’t it interesting how God’s ways are always opposite of the worlds? The world wants to deal with our minds and tells us that if we could only get our thinking straight than our lives would follow suit. However, God says that if we commit our works to Him, THEN our thoughts will be established. So, we simply need to do the right thing and then we’ll start thinking the right thing. 

For example, say you’re living in a home that is less than your ideal. Maybe it is too small for your family. Maybe it is old and run down. I don’t know; it could be many things. I believe that if you will begin treating that home like it’s your castle – your dream home – the ideal – and taking care of it as such, your thoughts are going to change towards it.

 The same holds true in our spiritual life.  Let’s use witnessing as an example. Say that you’re afraid to hand out a Gospel tract or tell someone about Jesus. You cannot wait until you are no longer afraid to start witnessing. You first need to step out by faith and DO it and then the Lord will change your thinking. First commit your works and your thoughts will follow. 

Try to commit to an attitude of thankfulness, no matter what your circumstance, even if it's just normal, every day life.  Be thankful for it – embrace it – enjoy it. You never know when your normal might change!

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  1. Hi Karen,

    This is very good. God had His hand on you when you wrote this. You never know then the day will come when you wish you were back to that old boring "normal" everyday routine.


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