Friday, May 20, 2011

Embracing Change

For I am the LORD, I change not;...  (Mal 3:6)

What a blessing to know that we serve a God who does not change!  His Word is true and if God said it, we can believe it.  If He commanded it, it's still applicable today. If He promised it, He will fulfill it.  Praise the Lord!  On the other hand, life is not like that.

If I had to pick one word to describe the past decade of my life, one of my top choices would be the word "change".  It seems that our life has been a constant changing, for both the good and the not so good.  Of course, we know that all things work together for good to those that love the Lord, but still, change is not always easy.

When we moved back home to NH just about two years ago now, I'll admit that I thought it was the end of our ever changing journey.  I thought the Lord had brought us full circle and that we would settle in our work for the Lord where our journey began more than twelve years earlier.

It was a huge shock to me to find that was not the Lord's will at all!  I can see clearly that the Lord allowed that season in our lives for a see souls help a struggling grow us individually and as a family.  There were some hard lessons to learn, but through it all, Jesus remained the same.

Many of you know how much a really, REALLY hate the hot weather.  I often joked that God made this Yankee for the north.  I love snow and cold....the long winters, the rugged mountains....the autumn leaves...the changing seasons...I love it all.  So, when my husband said we were heading back to NC, I had two choices. I could either embrace the change and accept it as God's will or I could fight against it, making myself and my family miserable.  Let's just say that I have learned that lesson the hard way and purposed in my heart that I was going to follow with gladness, praying that God would give the grace needed.  And do you know what? He has.  God is so faithful; I don't know why this wicked heart of mine ever doubts Him.

As I sit here on the porch of the little trailer we are staying in, I cannot help but be full of thankfulness.  You see, I thought that moving from a large house to a (maybe) 700sq ft trailer would be the death of me...~grin~....but I found myself telling my husband the other night how much I was enjoying living in it.  The kids are always close and I'm finding that I am able to focus on what is important.  Seventy-five percent of our stuff is in storage which means we are living with the bare necessities. I love not having to worry about stuff.

And even though we're borrowing our neighbors yard, I haven't felt this at home since our first house in KY.  We have an enormous yard to enjoy, and our children are spending their days outdoors from dawn till dusk.  God is good and his grace is truly sufficient. He has given us wonderful neighbors who are also part of our church family and they have gone out of their way to make us feel welcomed.  I am blessed.

So, while change isn't always fun, try making the most of it. You just never know how God might turn what you think is a trial into a blessing.

And speaking of changes, the girls have been observing a robin's nest for the past few days and were thrilled to find the eggs had hatched this morning.

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  1. The part about 75% of your stuff being in storage sounds rather appealing! I keep trying to declutter, but, well, let's just say I have a LONG way to go!

    So glad you're finding sweet contentment in where He has you!


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