Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Catching up with some pictures…

I realized this morning that I haven’t posted pictures in a very long time and since I have two sick children and one recovering, I figured today would be a good opportunity to do so.  I thought I’d back up to my beautiful daughter’s 13th birthday part in January:
The one great thing about living in northern New England is that you can plan an ice skating party just about any time from December through March and be assured of having ice.  Daddy and his girls spent a lot of time building and prepping an ice skating rink in our back yard in anticipation of the birthday party.

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Here they are on the ice.  1G13 is in the pink and her twin sisters are on the ends.  The other girls are some wonderful young ladies from our church.
      IMG_5057     IMG_5062     IMG_5056
After ice skating came a game of Twister. 
Someone had trouble remembering her right from her left!
When 1G13 was born, she had a poem hung in her nursery that always made me cry. I’m reposting it here and guess what? It still makes me cry!  So many stages have past and I have to admit that it’s sad to know that they are gone but the Lord has blessed us with a wonderful daughter who loves Him.

Little Shoes

In the top drawer of her dresser
is one pair of little shoes
And a pair of little booties
from which her Mom can choose.

Although she cannot walk just yet,
out with her Mom she goes
For strolls in different shades of pink
from her head down to her toes.

But soon the little newborn babe
has to a toddler grown:
In patent-leather party shoes
she's walking all alone.

But someone's watching closely as
she takes each shaky stride,
And though she may not notice it,
her Mom is at her side.

The nursery's now a bedroom,
the baby's crib is gone,
The little girl is off to school
with brand-new sneakers on.

She skips onto the school yard with a step
as light as air,
While Mom, though smiling bravely,
feels at loose ends, standing there.

The little girl grows older,
and with each passing year,
Her first high-heels and cowgirl boots
eventually appear.

And then, as if by magic,
the little girl is grown,
She wears the latest fashions bought
with earnings of her own.

Then one fine day she's walking
with her father at her side,
In shoes of fine white satin,
for now she is a bride.

I wonder where the time has gone,
and wistfully recall
My little girl, in little shoes,
so innocent and small.

And now I am a Granny,
and Daughter, you're a Mom,
Your little newborn daughter is
the sunshine of your home.

The top drawer of her dresser
is filled with little shoes,
And many pairs of booties
from which you now can choose.

Cherish each passing moment,
the laughter and the tears,
For days go by so swiftly,
and gather soon to years.

The little shoes she will outgrow
before you realize,
She'll blossom like a summer's rose,
before your very eyes.

Be always there to walk with her
when up against the odds,
Make sure she knows that she can count
on her Savior and her God.

And though she'll spread her wings and fly,
as all our daughters do,
One day she'll wear a mother's shoes,
and she'll come home to you.

© Catherine Chandler

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