Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Through the Bible: Week 2

Tick-tock, it just me or have those tick-tocks been moving at breakneck speed lately?   Crazy!  A 'week 3' summary should be posted in only two more days and here I am posting week two's!  So, I have a confession:  I am behind....waaayyyyy behind on my reading; days behind even.  I'm afraid to even count how many days.  It seems like every time I sit down to read, something happens.  Whether it is a squabble between the children, a dog that needs to be let out, a phone's always something.  

As tempting as it would be for me to say that I just haven't had the time I have needed, it simply isn't the truth.  The truth is that I haven't taken the time I've needed.  I haven't chosen to use the time that I have.  I mean, we all have the same 24 hours in a day and it is the choices that we make each and every moment that make the difference.  

So, I guess therein lies the point of this weeks recap. Time is valuable.  It cannot be bought, stored or shared - it must be used and used wisely.  Here are some things that *I* could personally do differently to better manage my time.  Maybe some of them will ring true for you or maybe you have your own list.  

  1. I could rise earlier....even 15 minutes would allow me to get in a extra chapter or two.
  2. I could stay up later....again, even 15 minutes would make a difference.
  3. I could read instead of text (or type or talk)
  4. I could read my Bible while in the drs. office waiting room or any place else that I need to wait.  I even have a KJV Bible on my phone so there are not any excuses for me!
There are so many moments that I could reclaim for the Lord instead of wasting away on things that are truly not important. While I'm not thrilled that I'm behind, it certainly has provided some enlightenment.  As for catching up?  I don't know.  I think it will probably be a little here and a little there.  
So, tell are YOU doing?

Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.
(Eph 5:16)

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  1. Me........I am days behind too. Swamped with work (for which I'm thankful!), but very behind. Very discouraged too.

    Other than that, I'm great! LOL!

    Thanks for the reminder about the waiting room though - have an appointment tomorrow.

  2. This is just a response to your comment at my blog. I will send you the directions, this is easy. Just give me a couple of days...

  3. Week 2 for me is just ending. Yes, I am a little behind. We had amazing Revival Services last week. I read as much as I could, i'm behind 3 days! But have been reading on my lunch hour. Oh how God blesses 1 hour, 1 straight hour with Him. Whether it's reading or praying etc. I didn't realize that things in my life were changing until yesterday. I have been sleeping better, I am not thinking of myself as much, my attitude toward life, people is different. Even a different attitude in church. Ladies, don't be discouraged, as the song goes...."Keep Looking up, up, up above the clouds, don't let your worries get you down wear a smile and not a frown and keep on looking up above the clouds". Praying for y'all.


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