Thursday, March 24, 2011

~New Bible Reading Challenge~

On April 1, we'll be beginning a new 90 day, through the Bible challenge.  I'll be joining my dear friend Melody in reading through God's Word in three months.  Last time was such a blessing.  Would you like to join us?

You can print your reading schedule HERE.  Then please sign up with Mr. Linky so I know you're participating!  Each Friday, there will be a post on the previous weeks reading.  Please come back and share what the Lord showed you!  I look forward to another journey through God's precious Word!

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  1. Is the plan you linked to this time the same as the one you linked to last time? The plan looks similar but I noticed the printable format is different. I'm still trying to decide which way to do it - 3 books of the Bible a day or just straight through.

  2. Same plan, different web sit. The other site was an NIV site and it no longer exists. I had to dig deep to find another but praise the Lord, there it is! lol The reason I choose to do the three books vs straight through is this. Those minor prophets...well, some days I thought I'd just DIE before I got through my daily reading of them! lol Knowing I had another book to go to gave me hope! lol

    And the reading schedule is broken in big enough chunks that you don't feel like you're only getting a little piece of each book. I mean, it's at least 5 chapters.

    Some days, if I were really captivated by what I was reading, I would just go beyond the allotted chapters and then save one of the other books for a different day. I don't know. YMMV but I definitely prefer the three book option.

    I should list a straight through the Bible reading list as well though....thanks for the reminder!

  3. I started the 90 Day Challenge yesterday. I should of came to your blog first to get the printout. I googled 90 day Bible Challenge, printed out a schedule but like yours better. So, tonite I will start over :)! I am looking forward to seeing what the Lord will do. Will keep y'all posted. I do not have a blog, couldn't post my name :(


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