Thursday, March 10, 2011

Are YOU using Swagbucks yet?

You'll notice I don't have any affiliate links or sales pitches on my blog. However, there is one worth mentioning.  Swagbucks.  All you have to do is download their toolbar and use it for all of your searches.  Randomly, you will win swagbucks for your searches. In turn, you can use those SB to purchase many different things, but my favorite is Amazon gift certificates.  For every 450 SB you earn, you can purchase a $5 Amazon GC.

I was just checking my Swagbucks account and since the end of May '10, I have earned $190 in Amazon cash!  For doing absolutely nothing, really.   If you want to collect SB faster, you can go to their homepage and answer a daily opinion poll, fulfill numerous offers, or see if you qualify for surveys.  Also, if you do any online shopping, you should check the SB homepage first and see if your store is one of their affiliates.  If they are, simply click on the store through SB and earn SB's on your purchase!

Interested?  Please click the banner below and sign up today. You have absolutely nothing to lose.  If you are concerned about viruses or other computer issues, I can assure you, I have had absolutely NO issues whatsoever in my nearly year of using them.

Search & Win

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  1. Swagbucks is the one extra thing I allow here. I was leery, not wanting a bunch of junk in my mailbox, advertisements, spam, and all that. It is just what they say it is. My daughter has earned about $130 in Amazon and PayPal money, and there have been none of the negatives I expected. Yay Swagbucks!


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