Thursday, December 2, 2010

Time is a Treasure

originally posted November 27, 2006

What do you blog about when you hear the news of a fellow HSing mom's early passing?  I am personally at a loss but so thankful that others have just the right words.  The following is from Anne V, at  A Holy Experience 
Copied in its entirety:
"There are some gifts I have unwrapped, like that glass reindeer salt and pepper shaker set from a most kind uncle who shall, out of respect, remain nameless, over which I have smiled sweetly, expressed genuine
gratitude.... and quietly set a storage room shelf in the basement, never to use.  I can receive a gift, accept a gift, acknowledge the gift, be thankful for the gift... and never use it. Or only rarely (such as when said uncle arrives for a holiday meal).

One dark New Year's Eve, Darryl graced me with a white matelasse bedspread, a gift to usher in the gift of another year, more time. I ran my fingers over the raised white flowers... fingered the fine scalloped
edge... and thought it too beautiful to lay out on our bed. I wondered, was it best, perhaps, to crisply fold and set aside in the linen closet, only to smoothly spread out on special occasions? No, this was
an extravagant gift to be used, experienced, enjoyed. It wore. A toddler used it as a canvas for a lipstick-tube painting. A farmer husband sat upon it with jeans caked in field dirt. I smiled. We were living, and this was what living was about: the gift being used.

Today Amy wrote in her 1000 gift list her thanks for gift #123: my life

An extravagant, incomparable gift, not to be shelved. But used-- wrung out to the last drop. Because lives come with expiry dates--ends.

In July, Lorrie Ann and her daughter quilted their first quilt, a purple and green rail fence... and thought about what they would sew together next summer. Late July, her and her little girl donned pink cowboy hats and headed out to the local rodeo to "enjoy a a fun filled day of junk food, sun and Rodeo Clowns."
August found them digging back into the school books, learning and exploring together. They were wringing it all out. Lorrie picked out a wig in October, announced she had breast cancer... and wrote this two weeks ago:

"My doctor said I would have one to six months; however, we agreed in reality it would be more like 1 to 2 months....
My children are my biggest concern. They will be signed-up for private
Christian school. The kids have expressed some interest in school, but
regret that by doing so it means mommy has passed away. Wow, that is so hard to say.
I ask that the Lord cover them with His hands every day they are there.
As for me, I ask for a peaceful passing. I love you Jesus, come
Lorrie Ann didn't have those 60 more days---only another nine short days to use the gift. She passed away from this earth on Thanksgiving morning, her time fulfilled, her life used for His glory. Her life and time and walk here finished.

So it comes.  How does one go from such a "normal" life---kids, husband, town parades,
cutting material and sewing, reading books ... to absent from the body, present with the such quick succession? It is all so startling... brief. We are but dust... a flower in the wind, a wave tossed on the ocean.
I am not shelving the grand gift of life today. I want to love hard. Laugh long. Pour it out. Give fully. Serve. Savor. I am spreading this life out, in all its breath-taking beauty, and using it--to the fullest.
It is too exquisite--and short---not to.

when this life ends--and it will, for certain, in the twinkling of an
eye--may I be worn, wrung out, USED. That's why You gave the gift. Use
me up, Father---all of me."

© Adorning Grace 2010

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