Thursday, December 23, 2010

There's a Blessing in It!

  But as for you, ye thought evil against me; 
but God meant it unto good,...
Genesis 50:20

Praise the Lord!  It's been quite a long day.  Many of my friends who were on my blog earlier today know what I'm referring to.  The devil isn't going to get an ounce of glory from me by rehashing it.  I do have to tell you though, God ALWAYS has a purpose for what we go through. He reminded me today that the devil is real and sometimes the devil uses people to try and accomplish his will.  

For the Christian, one of Satan's number one goals is to destroy our joy and to make us ineffective in our witness.  Wow! God took the events of today to awake me from the slumber I've been in for months, and to remind me that Satan is out to destroy me (and you too, if you're living for God) and that we absolutely MUST keep our eyes on Jesus!  So, for that, I have to say "THANK YOU!"

On the bright side, the devil only fights when God's fixin' to do something great! How exciting is THAT?

So, thank you Lord for allowing me to see your hand in the good and the bad. Thank you Lord for the way that you are growing and refining me and please help me to be more and more like you every day! 

***comments have been turned off due to the day's events. Lord willing, I'll be able to turn them back on sooner than later, at least with moderation. In the meantime, most of my blogging friends have my email address.  Thank you for understanding. ***

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