Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Multitude Monday: 31-40

 I'm afraid I've been a little remiss in posting the Multitude Monday entries!  I do have good "excuses"!  So, before something else comes up.....

31.  I am thankful for all the little things that come up that prevent my getting on the internet!
32.  Breakfast in bed, brought to me by my 8 yo this morning.
33.  Autumn....in New England...at this very moment, there is no place I'd rather be!
34.  Medication from the doctor for our youngest that allowed us both to get our first full night's sleep in weeks.
35.  GRACE....the loving, merciful, bountiful, undeserving grace of God.  There are not enough words.
36.  Safety in our travels these past two weeks
37.  Warm, fuzzy jammies on a cold morning
38.  Coffee....need I say more?
39.  Friends ~ old and new ~ that God sends into my life for a purpose
40.  A new day - a fresh start - another span of time to make a difference.
© Adorning Grace 2010

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