Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Favorite Things": counting chart

 A couple of weeks ago, I shared how our girls had fallen in love with science through the use of Apologia's Elementary Biology Curriculum.  You can read about it here.  You may also enjoy seeing what we learned about cell anatomy with this picture:

Today, I'd like to share with you another "favorite" of mine - the counting chart!  I purchased this a couple of years ago and it has been an invaluable tool. Prior to purchasing it, we were using the 1-100 charts that come on the back of the student textbooks.  Learning skip counting was difficult.  This chart takes the difficulty away.  Here is a picture of ours:
There are several great things about this chart (besides that it's inexpensive!).  The numbers 1-100 are all in black writing.  Then the numbers, counting by ten, can be slipped into the appropriate pockets and they are a different color. Of course, this makes the "tens" very easy to see. When your child has learned them, there is another set of cards for the 5's and the 2's.  As you can see, we have skip counting by 2's in the pockets right now.  I can't tell you how much easier this system has made my life!   I found one HERE that is very similar to ours, only the other side of the cards is red, so you would only need to turn over the appropriate cards for skip counting vs having four sets of differently colored cards, like mine.  I thought this might help someone out there! 
We are nearly done our third week of school and it has been oh-so-much fun!  Next week, we'll be leaving on a ten day trip to NC...which of course means a two week school vacation!  I'm already praying that our efforts thus far won't be totally derailed by our vacation. Of course, this is the beauty of homeschooling...is it not?  I love that we can take of when we need to and make it up later!  I hope that your school year is going well too!  Until next time...

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