Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bible Reading Challenge: Week 2

So...how is it going?  If you started with me and have continued on, you should have successfully finished week 2!  Given the amount of reading involved, that is no small challenge.  The Lord will bless it.

As I type this, I am almost 1 full day behind. This weekend was a long one. Saturday, I had to leave my house at 6:30am, drive 2 hours to a doctors appointment and two hours home. When I got home, I had to take my youngest to the ER, thinking she may have appendicitis.  After spending seven hours there, the doctors sent her home, still unsure whether it was or it wasn't her appendix. I did manage to fix supper and then get my reading in before dropping off into a very sound sleep.

Yesterday was interesting as well because littlest one still wasn't better and my sweet husband took his turn bringing her to the ER.  Turns out she has something called mesenteric adenitis, which is a viral infection affecting the lymph nodes in the groin area.  It is the most common diagnosis resulting from a suspected appendicitis attack.  Yesterday was the day I didn't get my reading it.

So, today, as I made the 2 hour trip again to my doctors office, I was thankful to arrive early and read a little in the waiting room.  My goal is to get supper ready and spend the early evening catching up.  What a blessing to have my eldest see that her sisters got their school work done today! Praise the Lord!

So, what has the Lord done this week? Well, I'll tell you, he answered a very specific prayer request that was solely mine. Meaning, I didn't ask anyone else to pray and I didn't tell anyone else.  I prayed and not only did the Lord answer, he used me to bring about the answer.  What an incredible blessing!  It's amazing when you see God answer prayer just for you!  Praise His name!

Sunday, we had an awesome church service, where nine souls trusted Christ as Savior. Did my Bible reading have anything to do with that? No, but I do believe that when our hearts are right and they are in tune with God, we pray more fervently for service and do not quench the Holy Spirit of God. 

And I can say also that the Lord spoke to me just today about something that has been on my heart.  I was listening to our Preacher preach a message on cd, as I drove this morning.  He read a verse and it was as if God himself was speaking to me!  I know there are passages in the Bible that we "claim" as our own but this was different.  The Lord most certainly had something to say to me and what a joy to hear His voice! What does that have to do with Bible reading? Everything! A heart that is attuned to Him will be listening for His voice.  A heart that is washing itself daily in the Word will be confessing sin and when we confess our sin, we can have fellowship with the King of Kings!

So, please share with us how your week has gone! I want to hear the bad as well as the good. Remember, Jesus is pleased when we simply do our best, with a heart full of the right motivation.  He knows our trials!  Just keep pressing on in this challenge, to the very best of your ability and leave the rest to Him!

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