Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Favorite Things": We Love Science???

As a home school mom, I am quite used to the moans of "do we have to do school?" or "I don't like 'that subject'."  Imagine my delight and utter surprise when I heard TWICE this week, "Let's do science - we LOVE science!"  Really?  I was astonished.  Not that science isn't interesting; it was always my favorite subject.  However, it is a rare thing for me to find something that my children really enjoy doing with regards to school work.

So, what is this amazing curriculum that has my children begging to study science?  It is Apologia's new elementary Biology course.  They absolutely love it!

The book is set up in a way that makes it very easy to use - even without {gasp} preparation from mom!  The text is enjoyable to read and is simple enough for my 8 years olds to comprehend, with some explanation.  It is also advanced enough for my 12 year old to be challenged to think and absorb the lessons.

There is also a companion notebooking journal that has a variety of fill in the blanks, questionaires and activities to do (like labeling the skeletal system!).  Don't let the cost scare you.  I haven't even written in the journal; I simply make copies of the pages that I want to use. It is spiral bound so it makes for very easy photocopying (and also retains its resale value). Some pages are appropriate for the younger ones and others are too difficult yet perfect for my eldest.  It's great fun! 

So, if you've not yet settled on a science curriculum for your 1-8th grader, let me highly suggest Apologia.  My children certainly do love it.  You know, happy kiddos make for one happy mom :)

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  1. We are doing Abeka science this year, but have done several years of Apologia and loved it! Matter of fact, one year, my youngest asked to keep his text book after the end of the year and uses it for "fun reading". :)

    They didn't have elementary Biology when we went through, but my oldest will need Bio next yr in 10th grade. We may look at their high school Bio if their elementary is so good.

    Off topic question - noticed that you and I live in the same part of the country. I'm still getting a "full" skirt/dress wardrobe after going dresses only. I'd love recommendations of how much of what I might need each season? My email is or you could leave a note on my blog. Thank you SO much!!

  2. Love love love that science! We are doing the same one this year and my son asks for it daily but its only scheduled 2 times a week lol... so sometimes we do smaller chunks more days a week. have a blessed day so glad I found your blog I love it and will check back often!


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