Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bible Reading Challenge: Week 1

If you started the 90 Day Bible Reading Challenge with me, you've finished week one. How did you do?

I have to admit, I have found it challenging.  Starting it during our first week back to school probably wasn't the easiest choice. However, it has been so spiritually rewarding as well!!!  I find it absolutely amazing that the very chapters the Lord had set for me to read dealt with specific areas that I was struggling with spiritually. Isn't that just like our Lord?

It's no secret to anyone that knows me,that since the miscarriage in March, I have struggled. So many unanswered questions; learning to trust when nothing makes sense.  Faith....trusting that the Lord knows what is best...struggling with the fear that He may never choose to bless us again....it's been hard.  Yet, if you've been reading the same passages that I have, you know that not only have they dealt with faith but with barrenness and healing as well!  I have been so encouraged by the precious, healing words of the Lord!

God knew just when the right time was for me to begin this challenge. He knew! What an amazing and wonderful God we have!   I cannot begin to explain where I was spiritually prior to starting this.  I mentioned in my original post that I could not afford not to take the time to inundate myself in the Word of God.  This past week has been a blessing and well worth the time it has taken.

I have found that in order to complete my daily reading, I need to spend an hour in the Word first thing in the morning.  I've had to get up earlier so that the time spent can be a quiet time. I am not finished in that hour, probably because I don't want to read just to say that I've read.  When I get to the point in my reading that it feels like a chore, I stop.  Reading the Bible should be a delight!  Whatever chapters I have left, I save for after the children go to bed.  Tonight I have several left because our morning was very rushed. I woke later than normal and you know, that puts the entire day behind.  So, I need to finish up here and get to it!

I would love to hear how your first few days have gone.  Have you learned anything new? What has the Lord shown you?  How has dedicating this time to the Lord made a difference in your life?  Let us know what challenges you've faced and how you've solved them (or ask for help if you haven't!).  Please do share!

Until next week....

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  1. I was just wondering how it was going for you!

    For me, quite honestly, it has been a struggle. I am already behind. With us waiting for God to be clear in some prayer requests and with the two younger kids and I being sick........it has been tough. I'm hoping to be able to get up earlier to read, but it hasn't happened like I would've liked.

  2. I think the key is to grab a few verses here and there, if you have to. Keep a Bible in the restroom with a second copy of your reading list. Keep a small Bible in your purse. Capture small moments and get in a couple of verses to 'chew' on.

    Maybe that would help :)

  3. Thanks, Karen. I'd be afraid of what my little ones would get into if I tried to read in the restroom - though the concept of reading small bits will certainly work!

    One thing I've done sometimes is to use a recording to help me catch up when I'm behind. It's not the same as reading but does help. I especially like it when I'm driving. It's nice - I can put together an entire day's reading in one playlist and then just sync it and have all of it, in order (I'm doing the plan with reading in 3 places) right there. I don't like for that to be my primary mode of going through the Bible but it helps.

    It's neat though to listen to it. I don't like it because it's not as easy to pause to really meditate on a passage, but for a mom of young children, it helps. My 6yo has gotten to where he asks to listen to the Bible too. His favorite is Genesis. But listening gives you an entirely different perspective. For me, it helps me see the big picture easier (like listening to all of Jeremiah in one afternoon).

  4. do you own the audio Bible or is it online somewhere? I think I'd like to have it playing in the background.

    That is a very good suggestion for moms with little ones. And I think it's important to remember why we're doing this. For me, I just really believe that inundating myself in God's Word - which in turn makes me focus more on Him - is going to help me through a rough time right now. The Lord knows what I'm hoping to attain and my heart's desire. Personally, listening to an audio *right now....for this time* would not accomplish that. I really need to see the words on the page. I think it's a great suggestion though!

    I think people need to realize too that if they get behind, well, they get behind. Brush yourself off and try again. While the "challenge" is set at 90 days, there's no penalty for taking 100! lol It is amazing how perspective changes when you read large chunks of Scripture at a time though. What a blessing!!!


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