Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Days

I cannot believe how quickly the summer is passing by! My focus has been everywhere but on writing. The family has been swimming and gardening, grilling and enjoying the very short time between winter's end and it's beginning. Up here in the Great North Woods of NH, the summer can be very short indeed. Last year, we had snow on October 3 and our last snowfall this year was the last week of April, which brought us more than a foot of snow. There is certainly no time to waste if one wants to enjoy the sunshine!

We have taken many trips to a nearby waterfall where the children enjoyed jumping into the water from the rocks. Something they enjoy immensely and which increases my prayer life :) And we recently purchased a pool for the back yard so the girls could swim even when their dad and I cannot get them to the falls.

Even the dog got in on the enjoyment....

Today I pulled up my garlic. The greenery had died back but much to my disappointment, the cloves had done nothing more than rotted in the ground. So, out with the old and in with the new. A sister at church had given me a flat of cabbage and zucchini plants from the nursery she works at. The cabbage replaced the garlic and the zucchini was fitted in between some existing plants. I guess gardening this far north is going to be a learning experience. Thankfully, I am not new to re-learning things as gardening in the south was an entirely different set of issues. It took me nearly a decade to get the hang of that so I'm sure I'll learn eventually!

As you can see, everything else seems to be enjoying the sunshine we've been having! I even had a lovely lunch of fresh zucchini, summer squash and broccoli.

The garden isn't the only thing that has been productive....
...our little hens have been doing their fair share as well ;)

...the earth is full of the goodness of the LORD. Psalms 33:5

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