Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blessings Amidst Trials...

The night after my miscarriage, 2g7 came into the bedroom with her Bible. She sat down on the bed beside me and began to read to me out of Genesis.  She read the first 17 verses!  Now 2g7 can read but she's behind where "they" say she should be - totally my fault.  Between moving from KY to NC to NH and all the commotion that moving brings and then getting pregnant and morning sickness and then the miscarriage....hey, the girls are behind.  I take full responsibility for it.  So, to have her crawl up beside me and just start reading God's Word totally blessed me.

This sparked a fire in 3g7. She wanted to read her Bible too so she brought her Bible to me and began reading in Genesis as well.  This third little one hates everything to do with "school". She fights and fusses and makes everyone miserable.  She says she can't do it when in reality, she really can!  All the while that she's screaming, "i can't!" , she's doing her schoolwork. It's the craziest thing.  So, her willingly picking up the Word of God and reading from it - reading WELL for me - was amazing to me.  

Of course, my husband and I capitalized on the moment by taking them to CBD's website and helping them to pick out new Bibles and some dry hilighters for their Bibles.  Since they came in, 2g7 has been caught on her bunk, shushing everyone around because she's having her "devotional time"!  You want to talk about thrilling a mama?

So, if a love for God's Word is something good that comes out of all this, then praise the Lord.  We've abandoned their textbook reading books in favor of reading the Proverb of the day, verse by verse, around the table.  It's wonderful.  

God is good - even in the midst of storms, there are blessings to be found.  When I first realized we'd lost the baby, 1g12 was distraught. She thought that because she'd prayed that our family would become closer, that it was her fault.  I told her that night that God was too kind to take the baby in order to answer her prayer. I explained that if God chose to use this trial to bring our family closer, than I wouldn't regret it for a second.  I meant it then, I mean it now. God is doing wonderful things in our lives. Praise His name!

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