Friday, February 5, 2010

An Update

I was just thinking that I never updated with my fourth and final beta result! So, I had that done on Tuesday (2/2) and it was 1474. I have to say I was disappointed because it hadn't quite doubled but the nurse told me it was completely fine. So, I'm trying to believe her!

It's been a rough week! I was in the ER yesterday for cardiac issues. All day Wednesday and Thursday, I kept having periods where my heart felt like it was skipping beats (a lot of them!) and I'd get light-headed. I made an appt with the dr. today but by early evening last night, I was too freaked out to wait.

The ER dr. did a quick EKG and listened to my heart. He said he thought he heard mitral valve prolapse but it was no big deal. Uh....YES, it is a big deal. That was it. He told me to come back this morning for blood work and that he was going to set me up with an event monitor to wear for 2 wks. I'm glad for that.

I've just been feeling terrible and I'm not sure what to chalk up to pregnancy (combined with being advanced maternal age! HA!), what is a cold or illness coming on, what is due to the progesterone I'm taking and what is a legitimate concern involving my heart. It's been hard. I find myself often being confronted by my own fears and anxiety and I'm not normally like that. So, if you're reading and you pray, I'd appreciate being included in those prayers!

My u/s is Monday at 10:30; I'm praying we get to see the heartbeat :)

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