Saturday, January 23, 2010

And the Journey Begins!

It's been a crazy week. This past Wednesday (at around 10dpo), I took a pregnancy test, and thought...maybe I saw a second line.  I used a First Response, Rapid Result which detects 100miu/hcg. Basically, NOT a sensitive test.  I emailed it to a couple of friends who, after tilting their monitors in various directions, *thought* they might (perhaps) see something too. See, women who suffer with infertility have one thing in common - we LIKE to see lines on pg tests :) We even imagine them sometimes but don't tell anyone!

On Thursday, I tested again with the same brand and did not see anything. Nothing, zip, zilch, nada. So, I assumed that the previous days test was a mere evaporation line and decided to wait it out till Sunday.

Ahh...but another thing women with infertility have in common - an addiction to peeing on a stick! Friday afternoon rolled around and quite frankly, the tests were calling my name. I had some cramping that was driving me crazy and I just had to know.
Down to the basement (and my stash) I trudged, bladder full and ready to do business with "the test". At first, I thought I might possibly see the same evil little line that had plagued my thoughts for two days, but this time, after about a minute, I clearly saw that second beautiful pink line :)

So, while I'm sharing secrets of infertile women, want me to share another one? We don't believe a line when we see one! Truly. We have to try out several different tests, have blood work done, have an ultrasound scan and then maybe we'll believe that we're actually pregnant sometime before delivery! Having said that, I called my husband at his office and explained to him that while I just got a + pregnancy test, he HAD to run to the store and get me a digital test. Ahhhh, the digital. The cream of the crop of pregnancy tests. When you're not quite sure you're pg, they are a curse. Who wants to see "not pregnant" staring at you? Not even an "I'm sorry" or "there will be next month"....just "not pregnant". Not cool. BUT when you're pretty sure you've accomplished the goal, a digital is the best.
So, my dear husband leaves the office and makes the 1/2 hour drive to the nearest pharmacy to pick me up a digital. Not just one - two! Because hey, what if there's a malfunction. Infertile women always have a backup!

Waiting, waiting....3 minutes seems like an eternity and just when I thought I couldn't wait another second, up pops that beautiful word...."Pregnant".

I have to admit, my husband and I did a little happy dance. I screamed, we cried. This has been a long time in coming. Seven years in fact. I think we're entitled to be a little crazy :)

So, there ya have it. You know, the weird thing is that part of me "knew". I mean, who gets overwhelming hunger AND nausea at the same time?
I am just overwhelmed by the goodness of God. To allow us the privilege of having another child; of carrying another child! Praise the Lord!
What's next? I don't know really. Getting pregnant without the assistance of fertility drugs and the oversight of a fertility specialist is uncharted territory for me. I do have a beta hcg on Monday but I do not know how long those results will take to get back. In the meantime, I'll be chronicling the good-bad-ugly here!

Thank you for sharing this special time with me!
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