Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shaping our!

I don’t believe in coincidences and it is by no coincidence that I came across the following entry today. I don’t remember how long ago I wrote this but the Lord knew that today I needed my own reminding!

I realized something this morning. I saw clearly how my actions as a mother today affect teh future that my children will live in. How?

I have three daughters. If this very day I purpose to raise them according to the Word of God, then when they marry, there will be three new households established for God’s glory. Just one me could produce three new households that bring honor to the Lord! And further, if I have taught my daughters correctly, they will submit their homes to God. They will accept God’s blessing of children as He gives them. What if God chose to bless each of my girls with, say…five (number of grace, you know!) children?

Now, I have not only raised three daughters and prayed in three godly son-in-laws, but I have been blessed with 15 grandchildren. One life submitted to the Lord could help to usher in 21

What if every mama committed to training her daughters to be godly help meets, keepers at home and to reject feminism and embrace God’s plan for her fertility? How would that impact our world twenty years from now?

God’s people aught to be different. The world tells young women that they can make it on their own but God’s design is for them to be a help meet to their husbands.

The world tells them to put their careers first but Jesus says to be a keeper (literally, a guardian) AT home.

The world says to put off child bearing till you’ve fulfilled your dreams. God says that children are an heritage and you’re blessed if your quiver is full of them.

The world says "give us your children to teach and train" but the Bible commands the parents to train their own children.

Rejecting the world’s philosophy isn’t popular, sometimes isn’t easy and not always convenient. However the blessings of godly living far surpass the riches of this world, and living God’s way will make a difference for eternity!
for His service!

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