Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Excitement of a New School Year

I'm a fan of fresh starts and new beginnings; they make me happy. The start of a new school year is no exception.  I remember as a child, going to our school before the year officially began. Set up in the cafeteria would be tables of brand new school books.  My mother, list in hand, would take each of us around the tables and stack our books for the year in our open arms.  Oh, the smell....mmmm.  New book smell!  A little higher on the yummy scale than new car smell and a little lower than new baby smell ~smile~

My children don't have to go to a school cafeteria and hold out their arms for a pile of new books. Theirs get delivered to the front door. How convenient is that?  And not all of them are new yet I still find myself giddy with excitement over the start of a new school year. I can't say my children feel the same way but hopefully my excitement will wear off on them eventually! 

What makes me particularly eager for this school year is our choice of curriculum.  We are using My Father's World.  I was sitting down looking through the books and lesson plans and I kept thinking, "Yes! I can do this!!!"  It didn't seem overwhelming to me and best of all, it looks fun!  Please don't rain on my parade if you feel this curriculum is lacking in some way.  Let me at least bask in my lack of terror for a few months! The one thing that I think I may have to supplement is the Bible curriculum.  I am going to give MFW a try but I may add something from Landmark.  Aside from that, I'm ready to dig in....after a trip to Wal-Mart for a few more supplies.  

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