Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kids say the funniest things!

(originally posted August 6, 2007)
Three quick stories that give a little insight into how children (at least mine) think. I have twin girls that just turned five so for clarity in these little snippets, we’ll call them T1 and T2.
First, a few weeks ago T1 had a nosebleed. It was pretty back and I was concerned because she’s been rather sickly most of her life. Well, T2 was very silent but all of a sudden she came out with "Hey, I bet I know what happened!" Of course, we asked her what her thoughts were on the matter to which she replied, "T1’s brains were bleeding and coming out her nose!" Uh-huh, thanks Dr. T2.
For a few months now, we’ve been praying for a lady in our church who is trying to get pg. She’s in her 40’s and has experienced several miscarriages. This lady also has the same name as myself. Well, 3 wks ago, she announced that not only is she pg but that she’s made it through the first trimester (praise God \o/). Everyone is thrilled for her and her husband. However, my twins pray faithfully each night and every mealtime for us to have another baby so they were a bit disappointed with the news. While travelling to town with daddy, T1 says, "Daddy, do you think God made a mistake?" My husband asked her about what. She replied, "Maybe he got confused by my praying for another baby – he gave it to the wrong Karen!" DH just laughed and told her she’d have to be more specific from now on.
And lastly, two Sunday nights ago, T1 had to go potty during the preaching time at church. We sit on the very first row but the kids know to be very quiet and unobtrusive when leaving for the restroom. So, off she goes, as quiet as a mouse. Dh is quite the loud one when he’s preaching so I was quite surprised to hear a bellow of "step into the water, wade out a little bit deeper…." coming from the back of the church. I glanced back and saw several people chuckling and realized that T1 was singing in the bathroom. Then there was silence so I breathed a sigh of relief and tried to focus on the message. Well, apparently her trip to the potty was one that necessitated spending a little time there because before too long I heard the strains of "Step Into the Water" coming from the back of the church again. T1 LOVES to sing; she even sings during her chores! lol So, with as straight a face as I could muster, I got up and walked to the back to hush her. I don’t know what was funnier – the singing or the looks on people’s faces! DH never missed a beat; didn’t even hear her.
Oh, the things children say!

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