Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Process of Homeschooling

f you have homeschooled any length of time, you know that everyone has an opinion about it. Within the realm of homeschoolers, you’ll find a broad spectrum of opinions on teaching and learning styles, curriculum choices and a myriad of other topics. What I have learned is that homeschooling is a process.

We started our homeschool journey when our first born was 5. I suppose it could be argued that we homeschooled from birth but for the sake of a definition, the first books were ordered for her kindergarten year. I have run the gamut from replicating a classroom to throwing caution to the wind and joining the ranks of the "unschoolers". I discovered that neither one was a perfect fit.

Curriculum choices were the same. We tried the super-structured ones like A Beka and more relaxed ones like ACE. We’ve tried lapbooks and notebooking. Nature studies and child led learning. Each one had it’s benefits but none met our every need.

After six years in this carnival of homeschooling, I have finally figured it out! Homeschooling is a journey, it’s a process, it is not a destination! What might work one year, doesn’t work the next. What fits our lifestyle for a few months, suddenly changes and no longer works. It’s trial and error. It’s an adventure and one to be embraced with delight. There’s no room for fear in homeschooling. It only holds you hostage, paralyzing you into doing nothing and causing indecision.

For the first time since we started homeschooling, we have found a rhythm that works. Is it perfect? No. But it leaves me with a deep feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment at the end of the day. We’re making measurable progress and learning to enjoy the process.

Recently, I have been called "supermom" on more than one occasion. There is nothing super about me. I am just a mom that wants the absolute best for her children. I want their hearts more than their minds. I want their spirits to be pure and untainted from the world. I want them to learn for the simple joy of learning, not for a false sense of accomplishment. What is in a letter anyway? I want to teach them character while building confidence in their God-given abilities. I want this generation, the generation I’m raising to be better, more spiritual, more loving, more kind and closer to the Lord that the last.

Homeschooling is a process. Like any process, it takes time to develop. Stop fighting it. Take each day, one at a time and ask the Lord for wisdom. Ask him to guide you on your journey. Let God’s Word be your standard and you will not fail.

Joshua 1:8 This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.

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  1. Joshua 1:8, a verse I use ALL the time. Before I had to study for a ParaPro Teachers Aide Test, I read my Bible for 15 minutes before. Before I practice my piano and sign language I read my Bible for 15 minutes, that verse works! My Pastor gave me that verse before I took my Teachers tests. Barbara :)


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