Friday, November 14, 2008

Eldest Daughter Gives her First Speech

We had speech day in our home school group today.  My girls did not want to participate but on Monday, 1g10 changed her mind.  She wrote a speech on what she admires about the biblical character of Rebekah.  (the speech had to be on a Bible character)  

Unfortunately, the little ones have taken turns being sick this week and 2g6 woke up with 102* temp.  But the other two girls were able to go as we live right next door to where it was being held at.  My digital camera was able to capture 53 seconds of the speech. I'm just so proud of her.  So poised!  For her to have taken this task upon herself....well, this mama is very thankful for the young lady she's becoming.  Watch for yourself :)

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