Monday, September 15, 2008

God is My Refuge

I've been humming that chorus all morning.  I am overwhelmed today and I keep running to my Refuge, pleading for His help.  I feel like the waves of life's sea are crashing over my head.  Nothing traumatic has taken place - no huge trial or difficulty.  I just feel overwhelmed.

My husband has been candidating for a pastorate for the past 5 wks now.  Last Wed. night, they voted him in. We have been in much travail over this decision and it seemed that God was silent in answering us.  Until last night when events allowed us to see that God was sending a resounding "NO".   I felt relief.  So why, after such relief last night, do I feel such anxiety and desperation today?

Is it that we now have no direction? Or is it that we've had direction for months that there is a struggle to surrender to?  I just don't know.  All I know is that the things that would normally not phase me - the little bickerings between siblings, the spilled drink, the noise - it's all grating on what seems to be my last nerve and I find myself on my knees time and time again instead of lashing out at those I love the most. 

I need rest in my Refuge.  Please help me pray that God would reveal His will in our lives and most of all, help me to simply trust Him, knowing that He knows what is best. 

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