Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This Makes it all Worth It!

I am just so very happy today; we have hit a major milestone in our homeschooling.  My ten year old is reading!  "What?" you might ask.  "What's the big deal?" some might question. I'll tell ya why it's a big deal.  1G10 has had a lot of 'learning challenges' - from having speech problems early on, which has required therapy for years, to having visual perceptual and processing difficulties to finally being diagnosed with dyslexia a few months ago. 

Reading, along with writing and spelling has always been a HUGE challenge.  I have tried to remain calm while inwardly, I am continually freaking out and obsessive.  We've tried every phonics program under the sun, have been bringing her to a vision therapist, have kept her back twice in the area of Language Arts and finally, just tried to help her work around the trouble she's been having. 

For the first time since we started homeschooling five years ago, we decided to take a summer break. I desperately needed time to regroup.  The only requirement 1g10 has for the  summer is to read Pilgrims Progress.  Honestly, when I assigned it, I assumed that I would be doing most of the reading and that I would stop occasionally during her 6-pg a day requirement and let her read a paragraph or two. 

Yesterday, I was working with her sisters so I told 1G10 to go try to read her first six pages.  She walked to her bedroom like a lamb being led to the slaughter. Within ten minutes, she was back out saying that she was done.  To be honest, I thought that at best, she had skimmed the six pages but I didn't have time to address it because I was still involved with reading with 2 & 3G6.   Today, I had 1G10 sit on my bed and read her six pages while I worked on a Bible study.  Again, within 10 minutes, she said she was done. This time I probed a little and she said that with the exception of a few names that she couldn't figure out , she'd read it. 

Still not quite believing, I had her sit down next to me and read.  And off she went....not a hesitation, no fumbling....just reading!  I was SHOCKED. So shocked that I started crying, which of course, embarrassed her.  I asked her when it all 'clicked' and she couldn't tell me.  She doesn't fully grasp the magnitude of what she's accomplished. She has progressed at least 2 grade levels in reading in just the past few months!  PRAISE THE LORD \o/

All those years of listening to other moms say "don't worry, it'll come eventually".  Oh how I tried to really believe them but in truth, I worried myself sick about it.  And here we are, nearly at grade level for reading and I really couldn't tell you when or how it happened. 

Now if there's a magic formula for *spelling*, I'd love to hear it!

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