Tuesday, March 4, 2008

General Homeschooling Update

Seems like its been forever since I've given an actual 'school' update.  It's funny how one day, things just clicked. I can't explain it and there's no rhyme or reason to it but everything started falling into place. Of course, this was preceded by wanting to just throw my hands up in the air and quit! lol  
I finally found something that is working for our eldest daughter.  We are using the Switched on Schoolhouse program for English and Math. It sets her back a full year because there were too many gaps in her learning.  She didn't care though; she wanted to do her school work on the computer.  And two weeks into it, I'm still hearing "mom, this is awesome!"  Music to my ears.  So, this is her focus for now, along with cursive handwriting. We're using Handwriting Without Tears and she's picking it up very easily.

So, now I have more time for the twins (2&3g5).  I purchased the A Beka K-5 program in January '07 and progress has been slow. I should have known better than to use that program. I tried it with dd #1 and it was overwhelming. What made me think it'd be easier now?? duh!  It's not.  So, I've incorporated the Letter of the Week program as well.  Funny thing is, I thought we needed to go through the entire LotW program before we could move on to the Sound of the Week but when I quizzed the girls this morning, they knew ALL their letter sounds! How did that happen?

What they can't do is pick sounds out of words so we still have some work to do.  I started them on blending sounds today. We are behind some but I'm not too worried about it. Actually, I'm looking ahead to first grade and trying to settle on a curriculum so I can figure out what they need to know before we get there and realize they don't know enough to start.  I have been considering Sonlight because of the organized way it seems to be set up. Does anyone have any imput on that curriculum for me? I simply cannot be overwhelmed by homeschool stuff.  We have a lot going on in life right now and I don't want our entire life to be school.

I guess that's it in a small nutshell.  Not sure what I'm going to do about history and science. I want something that all three girls can do together and I do not want a bunch of book work. I would ideally like to find science videos for them to watch and I would like to invest in the Your Story Hour history audios. The girls love them when they come on the radio. Hmmm...going to have to go ebay.

Well, Lord willing, I'll be more organized and keep more current with this blog.  I have something to show you later, if I can scan it! lol  You'll just have to sit on pins and needles till then!

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