Friday, January 11, 2008

Moments and Memories

As promised, a little synopsis of our Christmas vacation to NH.  The girls prayed for snow for weeks before we left and the Lord certainly answered their prayers.  Snow they had!  We drove north in the middle of a major NorEaster; as soon as we hit the WV border, it started.  What should have been a 15 hour trip turned into more than 20 hours. Thankfully, the kiddos slept through most of it. 

You should have heard them when they awoke in the morning and were greeted by two feet of snow on the ground.  Questions of "what's that?" were numerous. Try explaining a snowbank or a snow plow (or blower), or a toll booth to children who have never seen them. They were absolutely amazed.  

The house we stayed in was wonderful ~ the owners were fantastic too!  She baked us an apple pie on Christmas morning and brought it over.

Ahhhh...I do love home ~smile~  Anyhow, we did a lot of great things....first, of course, was to play in the SNOW. The kids couldn't wait.  It was all we could do to unpack the van and get them to eat something first.  And lots and lots of sledding:

We also went on a horse drawn sleigh ride and got to visit with Santa's reindeer (don't worry, my kids know that Santa is nonsense ~g~), celebrated dd's 10th birthday, picked out a fresh Christmas tree, made lots of s'mores, visited with friends and family and made lots and lots of precious memories.

~There is nothing half as pleasant
as coming home again~

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