Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mid-Winter Blah's

Of course, winter hasn't really arrived in KY.  It's more like a cooler autumn for a few months and then we move on to March.  But, that is absolutely besides the point of posting! lol  I do seem to be in a funk these days.  We really need to try to get back on track with school but we're in a transitional phase around here.

After years of waiting on the Lord, He's allowed us to see a fertility specialist for the treatment of my PCOS.  I'm currently half way through our first cycle trying to conceive another little miracle.  If we come to mind, please remember us in prayer during this time.   In anticipation of what we know the Lord is going to do, we decided to move our schoolroom into the dining room, trying all the while to strategically hide all our school stuff! lol Not an easy task but we're making progress. It is obviously our hope that the school room will need to be turned into a nursery in the coming months. Be in any event, the room was far too small anyway and we all felt claustrophobic being in there.  So, this will work out better all the way around.

1g10 had her dyslexia testing last week and as we expected, was dx'd with dyslexia.  The diagnosis didn't matter much to us but we need a diagnosis to get some help on where to take her educationally.  Her eye doctor/vision therapist can now work with her on learning with this challenge.  They'll be working on her visual perceptual skills.   I also found a tutoring center in the same city as her therapist that tutors dyslexics using the  Barton method.  Lord willing, I"ll be able to get her in there.    We've struggled with this for so long ~ my feeling like a failure because I can't teach my own child to read and spell and her being frustrated because she just can't seem to get it right.  At least we both know that it wasn't for lack of effort.

Life is busy but it's oh so good :-)  I just need a second wind right now! Anyone else feel the same way?  Have a blessed Lord's day!

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